About Antigua, Caribbean

Named by Columbus, after Santa Maria de la Antigua of Seville, Antigua lies in the heart of the Caribbean. Antigua and its sister island Barbuda are situated within the Leeward Island chain in the Eastern Caribbean, about 450 miles north east of South America.

Antigua is around 108 square miles (280 sg km), Barbuda which lies 27 miles to the north is 62 square miles (161 sq km) and a third much smaller, uninhabited island, Redonda, lies 35 miles to the west.

Weather in Antigua

The weather in Antigua is generally warm and breezy, with temperatures being fairly consistent throughout the years ranging between 27-31 C (80-85F).

Rainfall in Antigua is lower than in other caribbean destinations, making the island a year round resort. Drier months are from November to April, with the rainier season between May and October.

flowerNatural attractions in Antigua

The island's natural environment is diverse and ranges from lush, tropical vegetation on the green hills to plentiful marine life on the coral reefs that surround the coastline.

There are plenty of natural attractions across Antigua. Visitors can explore the tropical flora and fauna, walk through the wild banana trees of Fig Tree Drive, explore caves with their plentiful population of bats, snorkel through the coral at Horseshoe Reef, dive among the pillars of Hercules, enjoy sailing the warm waters, or take a boat trip to view the famous Frigate birds in one of the largest sanctuarys in the western hemisphere.

Antigua's people and culture

When you have viewed the islands natural wonders, you'll want to experience the vibrant, fun and relaxed culture of Antigua's people. The populations of Antigua and Barbuda are outgoing and friendly, celebrating their culture through a combination of music, arts, food and sports.

You'll find that Antigua truly moves to an irresistible beat. There is the annual carnival, countless parades and impromptu bashes, all with an intoxifying blend of music, dance and warmth which is hard to resist.

You can also explore the many arts and crafts across the island and enjoy shopping in the capital of St John's. There is a great selection of gifts and souvenirs to buy everywhere you visit from the shops in the capital to more informal street markets.

Antigua sailing and cricket

Antigua has a wide range of sports to enjoy too. The horse racing at Cassada Gardens is always popular with locals and tourists alike, whilst the annual Antigua sailing week is an internationally renowned sailing regatta. For those who prefer their sports based more firmly on terra firma, cicket is as much a part of Antigua as the sun and the sea!

As laid back and relaxing as you want, or packed with sports and activities, you can make your Antiguan holiday the way you want it to be. Let Elite Island Resorts hotels in Antigua be the base from which you enjoy your fabulous Caribbean vacation!

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