365 Beaches in Antigua, Caribbean

If you are after a Caribbean beach holiday, then look no further! Antigua has 365 beautiful white sand beaches, one for every day of the year!

Beaches in Antigua are among the very best beaches in the Caribbean. Most of the beaches are situated inside the calm, clear waters of Antigua's caribbean side. On the Atlantic side of Antigua, the beaches are sheltered by bays all round.

Most Antigua hotels have their own private beach, and if you want to explore some of the other great beaches on the island, you simply have to choose from either North , East, South or West!

Beaches on the Northwest of Antigua

Two of the most popular beaches on the developed northwestern coast are Dickenson Bay and Runaway Bay,

Beaches situated closer to Antigua's capital of St. John's are Fort James, a public beach popular with the locals, and Deep Bay.

The beach at Galley Bay attracts surfers during the winter months and joggers during the evening.

Beaches on the Southwest and South Coast of Antigua

The beaches situated among the hilly southwest coast are less developed than those further north.

Travelling along the long and winding coastal road, you'll come across Ffryes Bay, Darkwood Beach, and the beaches around Johnsons Point.

Further on, you will encounter Rendezvous Bay and Doigs Beach, which are both located on the central southern coast at Rendezvous Bay. These are particularly quiet beaches, but are worth the journey to reach them.

You'll find St James's Club situated at Mamora Bay, just South of Willoughby Bay.

Beaches on the East coast of Antigua

Situated on the southeastern corner of Antigua is the Half Moon Bay national Park, which is very popular with families. Further up the coast, another popular beach with families is Long Bay, which is completely protected by its own reef. The Verandah Resort and Spa is a short walk away.

Beaches on Barbuda

Barbuda features long pink and white sandy beaches protected by barrier reefs. On the southwestern coast, the beaches stretch totally uninterupted for ten miles! On the eastern coast, the beaches are slightly rougher as they face the Atlantic ocean, making them ideal for beachcombing.

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